DASTYAFTEH media resume

Interviews with Euronews Farsi, Iran Channel 3 news, Sahar Azari Global Network, a series of live interviews on Iran Kala TV channel with the title of founder and entrepreneurship coach, interviews with national newspapers and news agencies

Attending the world competition of inventions and interviews

Interview related to the bronze medal in the 2021 Swiss Invention Competition

Interview related to the selection of the top 100 world inventions in 2022 and the bronze medal in the 2023 ISIF Turkey Invention Competition

Interview related to the bronze medal in the 2023 Swiss Invention Competition

Gold medals in 2016 and 2017

Presence in the media

3 live appearances and interviews in Iran Kala

-Owner and founder of DASTYAFTEH

Entrepreneurship coach

Iran channel 3 news

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Speech in Tabriz Chamber of Commerce

The speech of Mr. DASTYATEH in the seminar on the principles and techniques of marketing in the Tabriz Chamber of Commerce on the 19th of October 2021 in the presence of professors, merchants, industrialists, and members of the Chamber of Commerce from the business plan, and the cases of threats and opportunities, strengths and weaknesses, goals and the prospects, and the national and global achievements of the achieved collection spoke


Processing of obtained life-giving elixirs:
- Cancer treatment supplement
- Prevention of cancer
-Strengthening women's sexual power
-Strengthening men's sexual power
-Organic energizer for athletes
- Rejuvenating massage mask
- Treating cataracts and removing glasses
- Treatment of diabetes
- Treatment of men's cold temper
- Cold treatment for women
- Women's pregnancy
- Men's fertility
- Lubricating sex mask
-continues ...
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