An intelligent question and a reason for thinking and reasoning in clients who want to have a different life and business, and undoubtedly the answer to the challenge lies in their questions and answers to reach the desired point

For the first time, in the first semester of the academic year 2015-2016, I used the word “coach” in the class taught by Dr. Shahram Mirzai Dariani, and after a brief explanation about this, several of my classmates said, “Coach, well, how do you say “coach”, one thinks.” What are you saying? My answer was that this word can better convey the whole meaning and concept, and the correct and transnational term for this word is “small”

Having knowledge and experience in financial matters with 7 years of auditing experience, with human resource management since I was about 20 years old in my businesses and in each of the workplaces that I have attended, with knowledge and knowledge of product design, including goods or services in my own business and the places I have been, with national and global branding of my own brand, with academic literacy and sales experience in the traditional and modern market during the last 30 years, in the field of marketing with university education and experience More than 30 years of business and more than 15 years of production, marketing and sales And also, by leading in organizational work teams and in my own organization, I have learned 7 important topics of coaching science in the form of academic studies and heavy experiences in different and varied businesses, and I can give you a good way to start from zero (0). , to pave the starting point, and the necessary path to walk, and to reach the goals, and the pleasure of reaching, and to smooth the desired point and be by your side

The decision is yours, I am with you