and its honeys

The DASTYATEH collection, with more than 70 years of experience and expertise in the production of natural honey and beehives in the collection, we tried to produce a strategic product for domestic consumption in our country and even for export by processing natural honey. By producing natural honey, we aim to process and supply unique products for nutrition, health and beauty, therapy, luxury goods and snacks with unique quality, ready to make your life enjoyable.


and its brand name

Accomplished, nationally backed brand
And globally in specialized areas of finance, management, production, service and creativity and with more experience
From 30 years of business and 15 years of activity in the field of production of goods and services and by winning 6 medals and
World rank in the World Invention Competition in 2016, 2017, 2021, 2022, and 2023
It is also registered as a member of the World Federation of Inventors Associations based in Switzerland

This brand name has been acquired under the ownership of the group in the fields of organic and natural honey production, food-honey packaging machines, specialized consulting, and trading (imports and exports)

Health-oriented goods and
Specialized consulting services

Due to the cooperation in the production and service collections that have been in the classification of all types of small, medium and large businesses, and we accompany them in the matter of “economic, business, management, production, creativity, innovation and idea generation” consultations. We were and are ready to provide advice and share our experiences

Taking into account the active presence of the group in the fields of food production – natural honey, real estate and traditional medicine, and participation in global forums, we are ready to participate in plans and ideas with a global approach for cooperation with talented individuals and groups

Due to the cooperation of the collection obtained with Mehr traditional medicine group, with more than 25 years of experience in this field and despite the production and processing of various herbal compounds, extracts, oils and herbal creams with more than 200 varieties of products to give the gift of a life We are healthy, strong and energetic in the service of humanity

DASTYATEH experiences and records

Due to the brilliant record of the owner of the collection and the evolution of his life and self-made and existing abilities, with a history of economic cooperation and consulting for more than 50 financial years in product production collections, financial institutions, government, academic and service organizations, creative consultant and innovation of the Ministry of Security of Ash province, responsible for the budget of Tabriz Steel Expansion Holding in the past years, member of the Chamber of Commerce, private success coach, family and children, creation and development of businesses, preparation and presentation of macro and national explanatory plans, and transformation Our conditions and quality of life, from the bottom of the city to the global elite level, we are ready to coach individuals and small, medium and large groups

We have come to be and stay

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years of experience


For the next five years, the increase of honey bee hives to more than 20 thousand hives, which we have considered with the employment of more than a thousand people in the field of food, as well as the innovation goals of the collection is in the direction of producing products with a focus on healthy life and the winner of the total of 13 The world medal is one of the invention competitions. And in the field of services, our goal is to cultivate talented people and global elites and to employ them in the high organizational levels of the group and to cooperate with national elites. And in the field of industrial machinery, our goal is to mechanize the production process. The traditional goal is to discover general treatment for all types of cancers. Entering the professions of real estate, food and organic food, and psychology, which is the brand registration in these specialized fields for the coming years


And perspective

The vision of the development and diversification of production is to create employment for all the unemployed job seekers of our country. In the world of creativity, Silicon Valley and Station F, nationalized in our country and all the national elites in that center are engaged in innovation and all the elites of the world. We invite you to this scientific cooperation center. In the field of services, let us be the spiritual father of all abused and neglected children and the cause of their progress and self-discovery. To discover the scientific treatment of all diseases in traditional medicine to give a happy, peaceful and enjoyable life to the world. Professional entry into all classes of registrable brand activities is "achieved" in classes of intellectual property activities in my country and other countries

:The motto of the DASTYATEH collection

Life is in our hands.